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Director, Producer, Editor


An award-winning, powerhouse creative, Ecem Lawton represents a new-generation jack-of-all-trades artist. Having double-majored in Film & Media studies and Psychology at Columbia University and received a master’s in Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art London, Ecem developed a powerful and unique perspective in her vision as a director. She is able to capture the true essence of her subjects and turn them into a product that reveals their wildest, fullest potential, giving them the guidance and tools they need in order to actualize their dreams.

Her vision as a filmmaker is marked by underlying art-historical, philosophical, literary and mythological references. She makes ample use of subliminally placed motifs, lights that might be described as “gallery psychedelica,” daring camera movements, and iconic dance choreographies that create meaning through movement. Ecem creates unique, timeless art pieces that are powerful enough to precipitate a sea-change in the culture. 


The music videos she directed, produced, and edited– Pesimde  garnered over 37 million views and won Best Music Video award at the Number1 VMAs; both Bumaya and Pesimde were nominated for Best Music Video at the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards; Toccata won 12 Best Music Video awards at major international film festivals including International Sound Future Awards, Euro Video Song Awards, Munich Music Video Awards, Onyko Film Awards, Dubai Indie Film Festival; was semi-finalist at Paris Women Festival and Venice Shorts Festival.

Derin Mevzular (Deep Issues), which she directed for Turkish superstar Murat Boz, recently won 'Best Music Video' and 'Best Cinematography' Awards at the Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, also known as the Golden Eagle, also winning her two 'Best Director' Awards at various international film festivals. The video was an official selection and won other 'Best Music Video' Awards at Hollywood Best Indie Film Awards, Los Angeles Short Film Awards, Prague International Film Festival, and London Director Awards.

Guvanch people, a fashion short film celebrating LGBTQ+ people living in New York won 'Best Fashion Film' Award at Style, Experimental, Fashion Film Festival, and 'Best LGBTQ+ Short' at 4theatre Selection New York.

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